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Hannah Montana as some of you know is a T.V. Show on disney channel have created a Hannah Montana wikia.Hannah Montana also known as Miley Cyrus is ok to some people I am a Hannah Montana fan. My brother hates to watch Hannah Montana as you know some brothers.But thats cool as my mum and dad have a sky telly in their room so me or my brother can go and watch tv in there or the living room that has sky as some of you might have welcome to this Hannah Montana website. Thank you for reading.

Hannah Montana is a show about a girl who lives a double life and has to deal with with her teen situations and celeb situations.

henderson:Hannah Montana

The new season of Hannah Montana(4) is being shot currently and will premeire in the Summer!

         This will be the last season of Hannah Montana ever...IT WILL BE SAD :( :(  Miley said it herself that she will be ending the show when she is 18. Hannah Mon
-tana is a pretty good sure to watch Hannah Montana at 7:30 PM Eastern Time on Sundays! :) :)

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